March 10, 2008

True Damage Control Loyalty

This Grizzlies announced over the week end that they will be taking measures to secure 80% of the remaining 4 season tickets holders. The name of this plan of action: True Loyalty.

"This isn't a one-year fix," said Mike Redlick, executive vice president of business operations. "It's a Grizzlies promise. We want fans to know that we appreciate you being with us through thick and thin."

A few of the perks included:

- 4 randomly selected season ticket holders will receive a trip for 2 to either Minnesota or Miami on the teams chartered flight.

- No ticket price hike this year. Actually, the Griz plan to cut prices for 4,500 seats.

- The Griz will offer 6,000 Terrace level season tickets at just $10 a game.

- Upon renewal, season-ticket holders will receive benefits such as special-access concession stands, a separate box-office window, merchandise discounts and early admission to the arena on game days.

I'm not sure if this is good news or bad news for the Grizzlies franchise, but fans of the team should take advantage of this. Rhino Balls is obviously trying to grow the fan base a bit, but you know what else will create more fans? A FUCKING STAR PLAYER!! Lets be honest, Memphis is a black city. Thats not going to change. So, looking at the hand dealt to me, with my best poker face, i decided to play the old race card. This city needs a black superstar. Your average Griz fan doesn't want to see a starting line up of Mike Miller, Pau Gasol (I know he is gone but it helps get my point across), and La Bamba. Rudy Gay is a start and a damn fine player, but we're going to run him into the ground like we did Pau if we don't get him some help.

One additional perk that is close to our heat here at FDIO is:

John Pugliese, senior director of marketing, said the Grizzlies will have a tent at the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest exclusively for Grizzly season-ticket holders


TK said...

What about the time I wasted going to games? Can I get that back?

The VCC said...

u can make it up playing the grand marshall at the meat parade in my pants.