August 26, 2008


So what's the hardest part about roller blading? Besides the cock sandwich your ass is about to make, it's telling your parents your gay. Oh look at you, so original. I have a blog so I can write unclever things and pretend they are clever. Ok stop mocking me. I put the pic up not to share that old but still awesome fucking joke, but to prove a point. Look at that little guy up there. So happy and proud. So jubilant and excited. So, so... so fucking gay. You know why he's all these things? That's right he accepted who he is and what he's all about in life, getting as much cock in his mouth as possible. This man used to have a lot of anger in his life. Always a tad bit pissy. Then one day our diminutive hero would meet the man who would eventually allow him to accept the rainbow inside him. And I mean that literally not figuratively. Now that they have accepted each other, nothing can stand in the way of their happiness. But why this story? Why now? Because dick stick, it's the last stage of grieving. Acceptance.

So how does this story relate to you the reader. Well we know how it relates to Ken and the VCC. Come out, come out where ever you guys are. But the for the rest of us it relates to us in different ways. Jones has to accept that his hair may never reach the maximum height he strives so hard to attain. Jr. has to accept the fact that he'll have to keeping giving out some free jobs. The rest of you are going to have to accept the fact that kickball isn't coming back for another couple of weeks so you won't get to see my sexy body on Wed. Except for you. You have an open invite to come over whenever. So just accept it. Life is moving on and you close your eyes only for a moment and the kickball season is gone. But don't worry accept the fact that we fucking need kickball tonight more than ever.


The VCC said...

Man, i have such a think for chicks dressed in the Rainbow Bright fucking sexy. Shit. Now i'm not going to get anything done today, nothing.

And this goes out to the game that is know i miss you girl..

The VCC said...

roller blades are so gay.

TK said...

so are you still down for our rollerblading ultimate frisbee league this weekend?