September 3, 2008

Fall League

Can you feel it? Can you? It's in the air. College Football has kicked off, the NFL starts tomorrow which also means my fantasy football team is already terrible. Its the greatest time of the year, and this year, we can add Fall Kickball to the list. One week from today, weather permitting, Midnight Delight will join the ranks of veteran kickball teams. It looks like we have 10 returning starters from last seasons squad. We brought in a player from the practice squad to fill in some holes (twss) and even had a successful scouting trip to Kansas where Ted and I were able to get the playing rights to yet another of Jim's cousins. I swear, by the time the 4th season comes around, we will all be related to Jim and Kim in some way or another. If that's the case, then I'm pretty sure some of us should be arrested for various cousin on cousin foul play. For those of you not aware yet, the Memphis Kickball Committee adjusted the leagues this year and pushed our shit in all the way up to Division A this year. So instead of racking up runs on the likes of "Little Lebowski's Urban Achievers" or "Tom Sellicks Mustache", we have to pony up to the "Angry Pirates", "Playground Bullies", and "Brookhaven DickMouths". It's OK though, I think? Better competition could only make us a better team right? Well, its either going to work out like that, or its going to be really depressing at Patrick's after the games. Watts Up (Whatts Up) has also been forced to play in Division A and yes, we do get to face them in a regular season game this year. Ken sucks. So, it finally looks like we got something to write about again, and will hopefully be updating the site a bit more now, but then again, there is also NCAA, NFL, and Fantasy going on so, maybe not.

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TK said...

It will always be depressing at Patrick's until the get the smell of death out of there