February 28, 2008

Rough Time to be wearing Beale Street Blue

Its a tough time to be a Grizzlies Fan. I've alway been one of those fans who believed you stick with your team through ups and the downs. That the game itself is bigger than how they perform. I've always told myself that Memphis is lucky for landing an NBA franchise and that we should embrace it and hope that one day, even though we are a small market team we would catch on and be the new San Antonia Spurs. I know, thats stretching it, plus we don't have the human thumb thats is Duncan. But times are tough for a Grizzlies fan. Its not even the fact that we are 14-98, thats not what chaps me. What it basically boils down to is that the Grizzlies have not given me anything to be a fan of. Just looking at the past two years, they trade away the one guy that this city unanimously embraced in Shane Battier, which seemed awful at the time, but we were able to gain another crowd favorite in the process with Rudy Gay. But then there was a period of talk where ownership wanted out and put the team up for sale. Only 1 offer came and went, finally fizzled out due to lack of money. Veterans came and went, our team then became the 2nd youngest in the league. Hubie Brown came, at least took the team to the playoffs for several years, had heart issues and had to step down. That ushered in the Czar error. He never really caught on in the city, so he was quickly ran out of town. Then on an interim basis, we saw one Tony Baroni Sr take the reigns.....thanks, but... next!. Finally, we landed a coach with some promise, he is still in his first year, but not producing very well but who could blame him. The roster he started out with this year looks nothing like the one we have now. Stoudimire and Swift are gone, and then there was that whole "stick a knife and twist" trade of Pau Gasol. But hey, at least we got the draft rights to his brother. Fucking owners. Then to make matters worse, this city has a high grade Tiger fever. Right now if you mention the words "Forum" or "Basketball", the Grizzlies are the farthest from their mind. I'm not hating on the Tigers, I'm one of the guilty too. I've let my Grizzlies take a back seat to the Tigers this season. I'll be honest, since the trade of Pau, I've maybe watched 2 games.

But...keep your chin up Grizzlies fans, there will be better days, there has to be right?

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Romo said...

Lakers all the way.