February 29, 2008

You get the fuck out of town.

It's sort of been a trend of late in this town, and by trend, i mean the last two years, to say that the Grizzlies are horrible and they are wanting out of this city. While it is true tickets sales are atrocious and our recored looks more like the ratio of chicks to dudes TK has banged (14 chicks - 43 dudes) in his lifetime, but the Grizzlies aren't going anywhere. Not any time soon that is.

"The NBA is very much committed to the Memphis market," he said. "There is absolutely no truth to any rumors that the team is leaving Memphis."
- Joel Litvin, president of NBA basketball operations

As with any franchise in the professional market, there are highs and lows. Without much research, we are in a low. Real low. But I don't blame the city for the stance we have taken. Who wants to cheer for the shit stain of the NBA?

Lets take a brief look at some of the obstacles that would have to be taken to uproot this franshise, tuck tail and run.

- Team Lease - There's a separate non-relocation agreement, for starters, stating that "during the first 10" seasons in FedExForum, the team "shall not relocate from the City of Memphis."

- Starting in year 10 -- which is a full six years from now -- the team can move only if certain ticket and suite sales minimums are not met. Even then, the city and county have the right to step in and buy enough tickets or suites to meet the minimums.

- Any out-of-town buyer would also have to pay off the debt service on FedExForum, a number that doesn't dip below $100 million until 2015. And the buyer would have to pay back FedEx for a portion of the naming rights. And the buyer would have to get the NBA's approval and pay the NBA's relocation fee, which would surely be a good deal more than the $25 million the Grizzlies had to pay to leave Vancouver.

With all these being said, it doesn't make it any easier to be a fan. I'm sure the team wants to win as bad as the remaining fans want them too. They are just young. The coach is young (in terms of head coaching experience). But won't it taste that much sweeter when that franchise finally makes the turn for the better. Come on Memphis and go Grizz!


Romo said...

Fuck the Grizzlies and Fuck You for posting bull shit about them. Two Words for you slick, Brian Cardinal.

The VCC said...

why you hatin ass bag? lick'em down unda

TK said...

dude just cuz you aren't one of guys I have banged don't be jealous