March 4, 2008

The Cheese Is Old and Moldy

Topica, KS - Police were called early Tuesday morning to the 100 block of the "Topica Park and Save RV" lot. Police were summoned after repeated attempts by fellow travels to enter the RV of one John Madden [Boom!]. Upon entering the RV, Mr. Madden [Boom!] was found deceased. The reason for his death are cloudy as reports continue to filter in, but it would seem that Mr. Madden [Boom!] had taken his own life in the lite of the recent events of Mr. Brett Farve retiring.

The news of Green Bay Packers Bret Farve retirement came to Packers personal late Monday evening. So the time of death could have been between the late hours of Monday evening into the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Madden [Boom!] had long been an admiring super fan of Mississippi born Bret Farve. His love of Farve, which to some seemed over the top at times was always a fucking annoyance when the Packers played prime time Monday night games where the late Madden [Boom!] was co-host with a Mr. Al Micheal's. The duo moved to Sunday night this past year. Micheal's did not immediately return calls to his office.

Confirmed reports describe the seen as bizarre and sad. Police upon entering the RV, found Madden face down on the floor with no vital signs. Scattered around him were memorabilia depicting Farve. Madden [Boom!] was also naked with a plastic bag around his face and head area. An apparent casualty of a strangulation/masturbation gone wrong.

Madden [Boom!] was 71.


Romo said...

Who comes up with this shit?

The VCC said...

its nice that we have one person who comments. Viva La Face Down!!