March 6, 2008

Making that Push for the Post Season!

Your Memphis Grizzlies, who were riding a 9 game losing streak, took on the Nets last night at the Forum. Well, if you haven't heard or seen the headlines, your Griz completed the season sweep of the high powered New Jersey Nets. The Memphian's who attended the game poured out into the streets and pandemonium sparked.

"I'm just happy to get a win. We needed to get out of that rut,'' said Mike Miller, who finished with 22 points for Memphis. "We have been working way too hard, and the coaches have been working way too hard to be losing games."

"Memphis coach Marc Iavaroni added: "It's not fun losing one game, so just multiply that by nine. That date Feb. 12 was starting to stick out in my mind a little bit."

So you heard it here folks, get your pocketbooks ready and clear some room on your calendar for the month of May, cause your Memphis Grizzlies are officially making there push for the playoffs.

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