March 7, 2008

Competition for non-competitors

Take the atmosphere of a baseball game, throw out all hand-eye coordination, take half the dudes away, add a dash of chicks, put beer in the dugout and use your feet instead of your hands at the plate and you have Kickball my friends. This year is gearing up to be one of intense, heated, and inebriated match-up's between groups of underachievers living out there sports hungry thru city organized sports. That's right, just one month from now the "Midnight Delight" will be taking over the Kickball world with cocks in hands (chicks can borrow ours). I know what your thinking, "Are you kidding me? Fucking kickball? What are you, 9 and pube-less?" I have one answer to all you fucks...Maybe. But nevertheless, kickball is a game that can drain you mentally and physically. Because by the time you rush home from work on a Wednesday, change clothes, then get back out in traffic, curse the Jap who just crossed 5 lanes of traffic to make an off ramp, get to the field, run the bases, chug 11 beers and then head to Patrick's Bar and Grill for the post game recap, that next Thursday at work is mentally tough. Our plan here at FDIO is to bring you pre-game and post game recaps. I know it sounds a bit much, since the only people reading this site actually play on the team...sorry Romo, maybe next year. But TK and I plan on being two fist deep in the groupies that come to all of our games.

First game of the season is March 9th.

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TK said...

First game is April 7. Get it right or get bent. Or both