March 7, 2008

You're looking at now sir. Everything that happens now, is happening now.

Romo: So, should we post something?

TK: I think the VCC wants us to. What are you going to write about?

Romo: Not sure. I was thinking about doing some Tigers update, but I didn't really feel like doing it, so i searched for some already written articles and just told the VCC that some ass already took my idea. I think that bought me some more time.

TK: Man, i wish i would have thought of that. I just didn't answer his calls or emails. I'm making him think I'm playing hard to get, but i really just don't give a fuck.

Romo: Yeah, this whole blog thing sounded sort of fun when we were drunk, but now its just annoying. And work.

TK: I'm not sure what the hell we were thinking. I mean, this is actual work. When i get home from work, the last thing i want to do is get back on the computer. I mean, i got knob to gob.

Romo: Well, so what are you going to do?

TK: Not sure, you?

Romo: Probably just go to the site and comment on some of the VCC's stuff.

TK: Oooo, good idea. That will make him think that we are still into it and at least going to the site. Whats up with that counter thingy on the site. Is that supposed to look like a scoreboard?

Romo: Yeah, basically he wanted a counter so he could see how many times he visited his own site, what a fucking nut funnel. Want to make out?

TK: Absolutely!!

The VCC: Fucking queers. This is bullshit. I hate both of you.

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