April 29, 2008

Body Sculpting

Many of you may have noticed that the weather is changing, flowers are blooming, and sqeeters are started to suck your blood. What does all this mean? It's pool time. If you weren't blessed enough to have a perfectly sculpted body chiseled out of granite like mine, then I would like to offer up a grueling exercise video to help your tubby ass get rid of those cottage cheese thighs and get swoll up.

If you can keep it going like this stud muffin, you'll definitely look like Mr. Will Jones in a few weeks. THe VCC has been following this regime religiously for years.

Appendix A - by The VCC

Ted got me drunk the other day downtown and asked me to photograph him. Basically, he wanted an "after" pic for his before and after "How Ted King Got In Shape for Beach Season". Between you and me, don't really see a difference, i really just think he want to wear some hot pants. You be the judge.


The VCC said...

i want to invent a time machine so I can go back in time to when i was 8, beg my parents to re-locate to this kids neighborhood, get into his school and then make fun of this kid so bad his pisses himself and contemplates taking out his classmates in a blaze of glory.

chilltown said...

or you become best friends

TK said...

that guy totally looks like you. he's got the beard, the back pack, an itchy anus that wants to be scratched and a look in his eye that says,"no whole is off limits, or anything for that matter!"