May 1, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Game 4 Box Score

Last night, Midnight Delight took the field as a sup par team. Our record was 1-2-0. We were sitting below .500 with a messily average of .333. Did we let this effect our play? No. We had the first game last night with the first pitch taking place at 6:30 pm on Field #2. Our opponents, for the second week straight, had yet to win a game. So, we had high expectations heading into last nights contest. As the game progressed, two things were evident, both our defense and offense showed up. We did have several errors on the d side of things, but there we some steller plays that over showed those mishaps. Grabbing the play of the night was Tanner who completed an unassisted double-play over there at first base. Once again the other team had their token tub-o. Nothing against fat people, they are just funny and an easy target. It's been tough to find things to bitch about today concerning the other team. They were just boring. They didn't bitch, they didn't drink, however they did steal their t shirt logo from my last post (honestly, i had no idea that was their logo, when i said foot club to myself, fight club was the first thing I thought of, that, and the "Foot club" is Jones's favorite club in is his golf bag). Back to the game, so we took an early lead of 1-0 in the first inning, they at some point tied it up. Then came the 3rd inning (or 2nd, not sure), but we had a first in, I'm sure all of our extended kickball careers. Back-to-Back, Dude-to-Dude Home Runs, scoring 4 runs total. The tall sexy muscular Cam got up and booted one to center, over the poor chick who they made play center, head. Then a girl came up and singled. Next up was Tanner, who then booted one over the same chicks head. So if your keeping track, thats an unassisted double play and a 2 run yard shot by Tanner. I got his autograph along the side of my junk just under the lightning bolt tattoos. Score is now 5-2. We sort of coasted along the rest of the game. Jim "JR" Clayton made his first appearance of the season without any disappointments. He had a strong defensive game and his kicking skills weren't too bad either for a dude with no nuts. No joke, dude lost both nads in freak beach volley ball incident, but had them both replaced with super cyborg nads. Sometimes when the batteries get low on them, they start beeping. We also had our first chick foul out this year, but she did it with grace, because she had no idea of the rules so after her fourth and final foul ball she remained at the plate. We had to escort her from the plate. Also, Ted, after nursing the pulled quad he received in week 2 air balled a pitch. He fouled off the first two and then literally completely missed the ball. I didn't think that was even possible, and not for a dude, i wouldn't put it past someone others on our team, possible some individuals from the outfield, but Ted? Come on. 7:30 rolled around and the game came to an end. Midnight Delight 8, Foot Club 2. So if you keeping track at home, thats a fucking 2 GAME WIN STREAK BABY!! We are a force on the field. Go team.

Game Day: April 30th
Opponent: Foot Club
Results: Win
Midnight Delight Record: 2-2-0
Opponents Fun-0-meter (0-10, worse-best): 7


TK said...

is that a cancer kid? tard? what the hell is going on there?

The VCC said...

i call him Dr. Perfect.

Romo said...

sounds like somebody needs to get laid.