April 14, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Game 1 Box Score

The kickball season is now in full swing. Fantasy drafts have commenced and rosters have been set. Myself (non-homosexual) and another member of this blog-on-life-support (who is in fact a ravage homosexual) are proud members of "Midnight Delight". The gayest team name ever by the way.

I believe prior to opening weekend our team had one practice/scrimmage. Practice....not a game...not a game....practice.

Yeah, I skipped it, told my team I could make it due to some "baby" thing I had to do. Wouldn't you know it, after the practice my team showed up to the bar I was at, go figure?

Back to opening week. We started off our kickball season against "Kick it, Lick it and Stick it." Not a bad name.

Side Note: When it comes to kickball, there are teams that come out drink beer, smoke cigarettes in the field and are just there to say we did some physical activity that week. Those teams are fun to play because they have the same mentality about kickball as we do. It’s fucking kickball! I don't care if you a competitor and your in it to win it, but its fucking kickball. Then there are these teams that take it way to serious, practice 3 times a week and even in the off season, wear matching socks and recruit from other teams. Are you fucking kidding me.....you heard me right. I bet these are some of the saddest people you will ever meet (except Brandon, our trivia guy on wed, he's cool.) I've even heard that they have scouts and they tape the games of their next week opponents. As always, the people on those teams are either dudes who suck each off prior and post game and all the chicks are bull dykes who hate anything with a penis.

Regardless, we had a good time against Kick, Lick and Stick. There happened to be a bunch of old high school folks we hadn’t seen in a while and they were as out of shape as us. Good time.

Game Week: April 9th
Opponent: Kick it, Lick it, and Stick it
Results: Loss
Score: 2-4
Midnight Delight Record: 0-1-0
Opponents Fun-0-meter (0-10, worse-best): 8


Jonathan said...

you picked the team name btw.

The VCC said...

i did nothing of the sorts. This was all you.