April 15, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Game 2 Preview

Opponent: Brookhaven Taint Lickers

Ok, I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for tomorrows game. There are many things that i dislike in this world, most African American drivers, bicyclist who wear sponsors on their shirt to ride down the middle of the fucking street (there are fucking sidewalks!, if you can't handle the fucking sidewalks, then go somewhere we people don't have swerve to miss your ass, god dammit!), and the Brookhaven Beavers. They take a sport, that is obviously meant for average fucking people to get out, socialize and maybe toss some balls around and they suck every bit of fun out of it. Just like Ted King taking aim on his fifth Mexican of the evening down at Paris XXX. I'm not going to rob them of their athleticism, but come on. I don't mind losing a game, I don't even care, as long as its fun, but just don't run up the score. Brookhaven is also one of the worst bars in Memphis. The people that work there, with the exception of one, suck basset hound dick. And not the good kind...if the basset hound from Smokey and Bandit were still alive, thats the dick they would suck while Sally Field pleasured herself in corner dressed in Robin Williams Mrs. Doubtfire outfit.

God, i hate that team...well....heres to a good game, i hope they prove me wrong.

But i doubt it.

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