April 17, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Game 2 Box Score

Thursday mornings are starting to get a little rough for me. Between the physical exercise and the 9 whiskey drinks that take place from about 6:15 to 10:00pm it gets a little tough to get out of bed on Thursday mornings.

We played Brookhaven last night, we lost, and we lost big. Pretty sure we didn't even score a single run. I talked a lot of shit about this team going into this game. I didn't want to play them. Didn't care about losing, just hate playing teams that are way too into it. For the most part, they were an OKish team, actually some good guys on there, but there were a few fuck nuggets as well. And you could tell just by looking at them which ones suck each other off. During the 2nd or 3rd inning, one of there outfielders dropped a routine pop fly...Wow...Big mistake. As soon as the inning was over, the following took place.

By the way, that ball was fair. If your reading this and you know what I'm talking about, it was fair. I really just didn't have the energy or mindset to argue with Captain Nutsac on third base. And if that chick bunted it one more time I was going to go and close fist her. That shit is gay. That is another example of why this team sucks.** I mean we have some girls on our team who can't kick, that blond chick, but at least she tries.

Field #1 sucks too. The other fields aren't great in any way, this one is just like the adopted stepchild of fields. It was rock hard, dusty and very very big. It felt like the home plate was quarter mile away.

Game Week: April 16th
Opponent: Brookhaven Beavers
Results: Loss
Score: 0-27
Midnight Delight Record: 0-2-0
Opponents Fun-0-meter (0-10, worse-best): 3

**As i am typing this, I got a text from Ted King. He said he can't walk and is at the Minor Med. Pussy.

Ted update - as of 10:07 this morning, he is sitting pants less with a paper gown on but still has his shirt and tie on. Dr. is examining him and he is told he will need help bathing. Dibbs and Dibbs.

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