April 22, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Game 3 Preview

This week Midnight Delight is taking on Multiple Scorgasms. Since the records on the Memphis Kickball website have not been updated since week one, I'm basing my insight off the week one records. Both teams are going into the game without a win. Both teams are on the outside looking in on the sweet taste that will be that first victory. Not so much different then the feeling you see depicted below.

We do have it from an inside source that we may actually have a chance at winning this week. The injury that sent Ted King ass up to the Minor Med last week appears to be healing well. His leg is nearly healed but his ass is still sore.

Team Name:
Midnight Delight vs. Multiple Scorgasms
- without a doubt they take the W in this category. The only chance we have at winning the best name is if we end up playing a team called "Jew Haters" or "Easy Bake Jew". Even then its neck and neck.

This weeks game will be at 7:30pm on Willow Field #1 (shittiest of them all)

Apparently last week, there were several issues brought to light by the commissioner of kickball. Teams are leaving behind trash and Mexicans are breaking into cars. Apparently the police presence is going to risen to High Alert during the rest of the games. Right.

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