May 18, 2008

Back In Action II: Fatter, Slower, and More Hungover

We here at FDIO would like to welcome back all two of our loyal readers. You guys are great, and by you guys I mean the VCC and my mom. Hi mom(and by mom I mean the prostitute that accounts for half my pay check each week and 100% of my STDs, but we have a great 3 minutes every Saturday night, RIght). Moving on, both of you know we would be off for most of the week due to the "rubbing meat" and smoking bologna and you all stayed away like we asked. Thanks. So to give you guys a quick recap, everything went great, total success. And I checked success in the dictionary and Webster's had this to say,"Drinking from dusk til dawn, getting half of your face burned while wearing glasses thus making you look like a racoon, eating as unhealthy as possible, and treating your body as badly as possible henceforth shaving 10 years off your life so as drop your life expectancy down to...carry the one...fuck, it's next week.

Anyway things were a success. Good job to all of you who contributed, and all of you who didn't, well you can fuck off. Oh I kid. I'd also like to thank the academy for voting us to the most coveted spot of 50th, and improvement of over 40 spots. I don't know if the ribs were any good due to the fact whiskey renders my palate useless. What I do know is that VCC was able to get us in the top 50 by basically playing the part of Barry Badgernaith in this little gem with the judges. Side note: the part of Antonio was played by Ken.


The VCC said...

It's a regular hot dog cart in here. I've very proud of our 50th spot, and thanks to everyone who contributed.

The VCC said...

i have to at least account for 3% of your stds, or at least 40% of the visible ones.