May 19, 2008

God Damn Brewery!!! BBQ Review

Tis Monday, the sweet stench of BBQ still fills my house cause i've yet to wash all my clothes. My lawn littered with debris, chairs, sound system, trailer, coolers and cookers. Every muscle in my body still aches from what transpired over the last 6 days. BBQ Fest, in the eyes of most who attend, starts on thursday and runs through sat. For me, it starts on last tuesday and ran through today. But don't mistake my words as a complaint, i love it. Ask yourself this would you rather be on the banks of the Mississippi River, smelling the hickory and fruit wood smoke in the air, constructing a double-poled stage while drinking a beer followed by a jello shot or.....or.....working.

Like a bird.

Double-poled stage constructed like a fucking rock.

For about 11 minutes I thought I had found my calling, but was quickly informed that this was a Pork tour. My bad. Damn.

This photo holds a special place in my heart. There is a story behind it and of course I will tell it. The sign you see here belongs to "Got Pig" who I would like to take a second to give a big congrats on Winning the Patio Porker division this year. I am truly jealous and you should be extremely proud, I am just knowing you. Back to the sign. I believe it started Monday night, someone (Greg, I'm sure) stole our first year Porkstar sign from our tent. They were pretty proud of it and even hung it in there tent. Of course this cannot not go on without an expected retaliation. I'm not sure if it was they thought we were just going to steal our own sign back and didn't bother to protect theirs or maybe it was the fact that when we rolled up on saturday to their booth, they were in the middle of final judging. While that was going on and with the help of Jones, we scoped out their sign. As the final judging was over, we all went in and congratulated them on making the top three. As the praise and high they were riding continued, Jones took a position of look out in front of the booth, I proceeded to unscrew it from the fence and then took off on foot. Making it safely back to our tent, I hung it on our bar and took the above photo. It wasn't until after all this that they found out they had won their division. Congrats again. So, I expect and appreciate a full retaliation.

Much more happened during the week and maybe once I get all the photos loaded from my camera and collect those from our other team members we'll get another post. Until next year. Hold him Jimmy's brother.

Kickball starts back up this week so look for our game preview by wednesday day.

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