June 2, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Game 8 (not really sure what game it is anymore) Preview

Big game this week team. There may be a bit of confusion here, but we are the underdogs this week playing The Underdogs. From what I can tell, The Underdogs (the team, not us) are a Division A team and have only lost 1 game. They sit in the middle of the pack with a record of 4-1, so there is a ghost game out there that we either don’t know the result of or the game never happened. Not really sure. Either way, the way I see it, we have several factors working against us this week.

1.) We are coming off a down week. Last time we came of a down week (last game, which we won) we played a scrubby ass team which we beat, but had problems putting together a solid all-around game. Everyone was bit a rusty, so let’s try and meet early and run through some kicking/throwing drills and run ladders for an hour.

2.) The game this week, like the rest of the games we have on the schedule, is an 8:30 game. Ted and I were talking about this yesterday at our tri-weekly kickball round table and decided we play our best at 7:30. The 7:30 game gives us just the right about of time to get home from work and get about 8 beers in us before we take the field. I have a feeling that we are going to be playing sloppier and more violent due to the late start and extra hour of uninhibited beer consumption. There are some on our team who don’t like to lose and if we find our selves getting rear ended I can start to see some tempers flaring.

3.) Ken

4.) Jones’s headband.

5.) It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to. People are going to be trying so hard to get me a victory for my birthday that they will lose sight that this is a team game and will try and stand-out as an individual to earn my praise and respect. Let me just say that, when we win, I win and when we lose, I lose. Respecting the team is more important to me then buying me a shot or giving me a lap dance. All though if we win or lose, I will take both followed with a happy ending.

6.) TK’s ace bandage. Really? It doesn’t do anything except make you look like a pussy. Sometimes, and I don’t really say anything about it, but I try not to sit or talk with you in public. I don’t want chicks saying things like, “…whoa…check out the hot dude in the 34 jersey, man I would love to tickle his….wait….what’s that dude with him wearing? Is that a fucking ace bandage?…dang…number 34 just lost his ‘woo’ factor.” Thanks Ted but no thanks.

Bottom line though, I think we can win. If we stand together, get some solid “at kicks”, some selfless offensive and defensive contributions, I believe we can win. So, pace yourself in the pre-game drinking, try not to start a fight, and Ted, stay the fuck away from me.

Opponent: The Underdogs
Game Time: 8:30 pm
Field #: 3

Outcome: WIN
Score: 6-5
Inning count: 7


TK said...

The only "woo" factor you have is when you unzip you're pants and the realize you don't have a twig and berries but a hatchet wound. Plus my Jewish baker is so pissed about the 'caust comment that he took my picture off the wall of fame and spit in my lox.

The VCC said...

I did it for schnitz and giggles

Chilltown said...

I like the never happened