June 12, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Game 9 Box Score

So I sit here this morning, at work, listening to people ten times smarter then me talk about how content is going to be populated on our new next generation web-site utilizing a process which involve Data Content Templates to generate Data Content Records which will then flow through an ETL process, then picked up by the Bulk Loader which will place that translated content into the Virtual Content Repository and eventually, display on www.hilton.com, something hit me like Jones's balls slapping against TK's ass. We fucking killed that team last night. We were relentless, merciless and applied pressure like a jackhammer. From the get go, we found their weakness. What was the weakness you say? Only the fact that they were two people short. Thats right, we are stoked that we destroyed a terrible team that was 2 people short, but fuck it, we won, we won big. What the shit do I care if they were short people, a W is a W. For all 6 of you that are reading this, I don't want you to think I'm dulling down our accomplishment by making excuses for the other team. Excuses get you....yeah yeah. We've heard it here before, multiple times. The fact is, we just played good last night, fuck it, we played great. We were in no way perfect. We had our usual mental mistakes in the field and some poor choices of kicking it in the air on a few occasions, but what we did was keep those incidents to a minimum.

Before I dig into the offense and defense break-down of the evening, I want to say that last night would not have been possible without the on and off-field contributions of Kim and Madoline. Because of a nagging injury of some sort, maybe a quad, Kim took on the role of team manager. Let me be the first to say...best managing job ever. She kept everyone in line with who was up, who was on deck and who was in the hole (TWSS), and I've never seen anyone keep a better score than she did last night. The penmanship wast over the top and when the dry erase marker failed, did she let it get to her? Shit no...she found her a piece of paper and pen that worked and motored on. Life threw her a few lemons and she crushed those bitches up and made her some fucking lemonade. Fuck you lemons! What can I say about Madoline that her "play" last night didn't say for her. I'd like to tell you her specific stats but all I can say is, remember when Bret Farves dad died and he had that game of his life? Think of that, but imagine that situation had sex with Kerri Strug, the chick who led the U.S. women to a gold medal in the 1996 Olympic team competition with two torn ligaments in her left ankle. Madoline...Kim...my hat goes off to the both of you. Happy?

Everything clicked on offense last night. You sort of knew it was going to after we led off the game with one of 3 HR's kicked by Jones last night (w/o headband). He was like bizarro A-rod. This part of today's report is sort of hard to do. I can't really single any one person out because the effort was so solid, I feel like the team needs to just get in one big pile and hug it out. When you post 19 fucking runs, lots of good took place. I do know that I had three triples and was able to stretch one of those triples into a HR due to my intense base running and knowledge of shitty in-field throws. All around, I'm proud to say I play for Midnight Delight today.

On the defensive side of the ball this week we were pretty good as well. We let them post 6 runs, so obviously things could have been better. Pitching was strong as always and the in-field was pretty good. Minus a few dropped balls, a couple of missed pegs and Ken. Ken, how come it always comes to you. If your little legs weren't so entertaining, I might rip you a bit harder today. You had a couple of errors in the outfield last night. A couple of dropped flies, and one fielding "kick it into the in-field rather then throw it type of thing" that was just terrible. But, your my Ken and thats all that matters.

Overall team, solid game. You should be proud today. Hold those heads high and and dust off that chip on that shoulder, your winners today.

Game Day: June 11th
Opponent: Cheap Kick
Result: Win
Midnight Delight Record: 5-3 (.625)
Opponents Fun-0-meter (0-10, worse-best): 9


Laura said...

Midnight Delight:
Hard working.
Alpha male.

Chilltown said...

Thats a killer picture

Romo said...


The VCC said...

what a terrible football player and even worse tv personality.

Laura said...

you know what, maybe it was all those energy drinks last night...
did Jones drink one?

The VCC said...

I believe he did take down a Killer Buzz.