June 5, 2008

IR wk 7: The Absence Of Pain

Annnd we're back. I know it's been a while since we've talked about injuries, and well I've missed you. Have you missed me? You know what don't answer now just check the yes or no box at the end of this literary work of genius. Now all one of you may have noticed that we were rained out last week and had a chance to heal old wounds, which worked out pretty well, but some times the hurt just doesn't go away(yeah I'm looking at you). We came into this one feeling pretty upbeat and so excited. I'm not gonna lie there were a few health concerns. Mr. Mint's wife was suffering from something called a quad injury. Strange I know. However, she was able to procure an ace bandage and was automagically better. However she was angling for a double double bluejay. Then there was the case of VCC. He was dealing with the fact that he had just become the oldest guy ever to play kickball. Setting records left and right.

Then the game came. Now I'm no Doctor, however I do play one on the Spanish Channel, but you can't really get hurt if you don't play. And we didn't. No baserunning = no sliding = no bloody knees. So hooray knees, boo no sliding. The only thing that really got damaged were our egos. Which went from this to this. So basically the biggest problem we have no is how we are going to get our heads out our own anus'. That and having to deal with this.

Now you can answer...

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