June 5, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Game 8 Box Score

This pretty much sum's up our entire night in a single photographic moment. Before I break down last nights game, lets first just analyze the above photo. Two semi-obvious things are happening in this photo, two big changes in both of these peoples lives.

The first one is the embarrassment that both of these finely tuned figure skaters are feeling at this particular instance in their lives. Oh no...I fell! Oh shit...she fell!

The second. They know as soon as her toe pick stuck in the ice that their chances of taking the gold went limp. Similar to how TKs junk goes through life. They trained for these types of moments day and night, they fought and the loved, they endured all of this just so they could take the ice and prevail as champions, and that will not happen. And they know this.

Your probably asking yourself, what does Canadian pairs skaters Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison’s (by the way, if his parents are wondering how their son got into figure skating and not hockey, have you ever heard of a hockey player named fucking Bryce? If you wanted him to play hockey you should have named him something like Martin or Patrick) have to do with our game review? Well, if your asking yourself that then i didn't do a very good job making the embarrassment and lose of hope that I'm feeling today very evident.

Also not as evident in the photo is the trail of blood to the right of the chick. Which by the way was a result of taking her partners homo-erotic blade to the face. She required several stitches.

Ok, where the shit was I...

We lost last night. We lost 0-10. We didn't even score a fucking run. We failed to score. We played in a kickball game and had like 8 innings of offense and never managed to get anyone to cross home-plate. We were terrible. I can't even think of one good thing to say about last nights game. We lacked concentration. We lacked gumption and team chemistry. We played with our heads down and nuts tucked.

Excuses get you beat and i got a few. We got beat so I feel its only fair to express my excuses. This was our first 8:30 game and we were coming off a by week. Those two factors alone bent us over. The fact it was my birthday and we drank a little extra pulled our pants to our ankles. The final blow that provided the raping of our asses was Jones AND HIS FUCKING HEADBAND!! GOT DAMN THAT THING! Thank god Owen Brenons ran out of crawfish before anyone on our team had a chance to eat all they could eat or else I'd have another excuse.

But a lose is a lose. You can't beat yourself up over it forever. We got more games to play and now that we are out of Interleague play, its back to the scrubby teams we're used to playing. So until next week...The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing.

Game Day: June 4th
The Underdogs
Result: Lose
Score: 0-10
Midnight Delight Record:
4-3-0 (.571)
Opponents Fun-0-meter (0-10, worse-best): 4

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