June 9, 2008

Who Dis? MD Player Profile - Megan Mazeroski.

This is Megan Mazeroski. Megan is the daughter of Hall of Famer Bill Mazeroski from the Pittsburgh Pirates. Megan currently plays 2nd base, like pops, for the best looking kickball team in town, Midnight Delight. Megan was born with a silver spoon in her mouth because of her father's fame. This fame would get her many things, but mostly trouble. From a very young age Megan was running around the Pirates clubhouse playing cards, giving rubdowns, and warding off advances by men twice and thrice her age. She was an honorary bat girl, but soon after Johnny Ray joined the team, she would only be retrieving one man's lumber. Against her father's wishes, Lil Maz would continue to date her "Jray". Bill Maz had other ideas for his daughter's boyfriend. It took a while but eventually the mercurial Ray was traded. However, he had already passed on his live fast and die young attitude to young Megan. There was many concerns about the rough crowd she was running with and possibly picking up some bad habits and making some bad decisions concerning her body. She was stealing money from hot dog vendors to support a nasty glue sniffing habit. After a late night drinking binge, Megan had a moment of clarity and decided it was time to move away from the bright lights, big city attitude that is Pittsburgh, PA for Memphis, TN where clean living is at its finest. Today Megan is a born again Christian and teaches a sunday school. This new lifestyle has really agreed with Lil Maz as she has been stellar in the field. She leads the team with leg stops and really knows how to catch a laser to the face. She throws right, drinks heavy and switch hits. We're looking for Megan to go 4-5 this week and hopefully run over Ken in the field.

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The VCC said...

Everyone in life deserves a second chance....we'll except Ken.