June 9, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Game 9 Preview

Fuck the other team this week.

Straight to business this week ladies and gents. No fukcing around. Its been 5 days of living in embarrassment. We got our asses handed to us in interleague play. But enough about last week. Last week was the past and unless you have a flux capacitor, none of it matters.

We attended a kickball game last week, notice didn't say play or competed in because i don't know if i would go that far to say our effort amounted to a true contest. But this week's game is of equal importance, if not more. We are back competing in our own division this week taking on Cheap Kick. Not only are they tied with us for 2nd in the division but they have the same record. What? We are going to win this week. I've seen this team play and by looking at some of the posers playing on this team, we should be 5-3 come Thursday morning. We have the element of playing back in our own division, but I also have a feeling there is a fever on this team right now and the only cure is a the sweet feeling of delivering a facial to everyone on that team.

Let's hear for the boys. I'm calling out everyone this week. We need some strong pitching from the LC. Less headband from Chauncy. Solid kicking and fielding from Megan, Tanner and Jr. Mint. Just an all around better effort from Ken, its sort of been pathetic. Seriously Little Black Cloud, what would your ancestors think? Maybe an inclination of an attempt to do something in the outfield from Rickety Cricket. Mad-o-lynn, your game is strong. Everyone...strive more to be like Mad-o-lynn. I'm calling out all the groupies as well. We play the game for the fans, without you, we'd just be a bunch of semi-out of shape mid to upper 20 year olds with nothing better to do on a wednesday evening.

Opponent: Cheap Kick
Game Time: 8:30 pm
Field #: #4

Outcome: WIN
Score: 11-3
Inning count: who cares.

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