July 28, 2008

Preface: Coping with Off season Kickball Grief: Parts 1-5


1. To cause to be sorrowful; distress: It grieves me to see you in such pain.
2. To mourn or sorrow for: We grieved the death of our pastor.

- by the way, click on the word "grieve" up there, and when you get to the Answers.com page, click on the little speaker image over and over, the dude is ordering you to grieve.

Your like...Oh my God! That's the coolest fucking story I've ever heard in my life! Can you tell it again, do you have time? Not really, but you are probably wondering why I started this bi monthly post with the word "grieve." Or you probably already figured out that I was going to have some lame kickball story about how I'm sitting here missing kickball. You're right. And I am. And unfortunately for you, if you one of the 7 World Wide Subscribers (we've had like a half dozen international hits by the way), you do too. I don't want to bash any aspect of the game by saying, man its the drinking on Wednesdays that I miss", "I miss the competitive nature of it", or "The bar is my favorite part." I like it all. Kickball is fun as shit. And if you reading this and you've never played, then eat me, its fun. I'm definitely not trying to over sell kickball, there's a ton more shit that's a shit more fun to do than kickball. But on a Wednesday night in early summer, baseball is in pre-allstar break and not even interesting yet, no basketball of any kind (chick ball doesn't count), no football of any kind, shit, there ain't even no poker on TV yet.

focus...I was going to turn this into a weekly thing here, you know, something to write about for the next couple weeks...

The five stages of grief are:


That's right loyal readers...were going to try this out. For the next six weeks, starting hopefully tues/wed-ish, we have the first installment of "Coping with Off season Kickball Grief: Parts 1-5"

Ted, hope your on board annnnndddddd......go....have something posted by E.O.D tomorrow. Thanks...

P.S. - stage 1 is Denial [see above "The five stages of grief are] - dumbshit.


Tim said...

I totally agree with the idea..its probably much more therapeutic for us to talk about and understand what we are all going through, rather than bottling it up inside. All that would do is lead to some serious meltdowns, and god forbid something worse.

The VCC said...

I totally agree...lets just hope TK doesn't fuck it up and ruin it before it begins.