July 22, 2008

Team Member Awards - End of Spring Season


Megan - Furthest house Award
- this award goes to Megan who suggested that we hold the first annual
team 4th of July festivities out at her parents. Sounded great, they had a
pool and a grill, places to sit and enjoy the team and some beverages, but
she forgot to tell us that her parents live in Idaho. Well...Might as well have
been Idaho.

Cheatham - Miss Consistency Award
- Lindsey has shown up for every game this year (that I know of) and
brought everything she had. Both on the offensive side and playing a major
roll with her wicked junk on the mound. TWSS? Not sure?

Tara - Technology Award
- Little B. Gates is what she is known around the dugout. Whether it
be her shoulder set boom box, ipod or her mobile technology center for the
post game parties, she brought out all the bites and bytes to deserve this
award. F9 for life baby!!

Madolyn - Awesomeness Award
- Sorry, I started to write these out and came up with something for everyone but you. I'm trying! I thought I'd ask Ted and his suggestions were terrible. I'm thinking of booting him from the site cause they were so bad. I mean, you were at every game, when you didn't have class, you came to the bars and hung out...I just don't know what Award you would earn. That's why you get the first every Awesomeness Award. Go ahead....start bitching.

Jenny - Ironman Award
- Well Jenny, we didn't talk much, but we were always on the same
page. You can just feel the fierce hungry for victory every time she stepped
on the field. The reason she is awarded the Phil Simms Ironman Award was for
her display she put on just after her surgically repaired hip. She couldn't
run, but she filled the void in the line-up and allowed Miss Consistency to
do the running for her.

Kim - Player/Manager Award
- Kim came on late to the team, but not by choice.
She finally caught on that we left her out on purpose but with determination
and poise, fandangled her way not only into the line-up and but also into the
hearts of the fans with her no-nonsense play calling and precise managerial
skills. Our bad Kim. If we had only known.

Laura - Most Nicknames Award
- Laura, aka "Blond Chick in Center" aka. "Left
Center Super Star" aka "Rickety Cricket". These are all names that this
"Most Nicknames" Award winner currently holds. From the first game of "Hey
Ken, whose the "Blond Chick in Center"?" to her recently acquired ankle braces
which crowned her "Rickety Cricket" she too has been to most of the games and
has shown the same effort and skills as she did in game 1.


Tanner - One Man Army Award
- He may be gunning for some dude rounding first, executing one of
his several unassisted double plays or kicking the complete ass out of the
ball, Tanner was the anchor on the right side of the field. Having to deal
with errant throws from both Jr. and Jones, Tanner took all in stride, even
sporting his custom made Tanner Witten, TW hat Nike hat.

Cam - not available

Joe - 12th Man Award
- Thanks Joe.

Jim - Mr. Fantastic Award
- Relax ladies, don't get excited, the Mr. Fantasticness ends with
the arms. Have you ever seen one of the promotional "Wacky Wavy Inflatable
Arm Flailing Tube Man!" in front of a furniture "blow out everything must go
sale", where the tube guys arms are flailing about? No...well shit. Well,
this is Jim. Jr. was everyone on the field grabbing balls left and right as if his arms
were made of rubber and when one did slip though his grasps, Cam was there to
clean up.

TK - Lamest Gayest Dude Award
- I went with Lamest Gayest Dude Award because "Getting Burned in
Center" Award just seemed mean. He did however come in tie with Jones for
"Most Trips to Minor Med" Award. Homo.

Jones - PigPen Award
- Should just be called "Dirty Ass" Award. With or without the
headband, Jones seemed to enjoy playing in the dirt. Liner down the third
base line, dirt dive. Popup which caused him to back peddle and make a
leaping grab, dirt dive. Routine ground ball, dirt dive. Fly to right field,
dirt dive. 7th inning stretch of the previous game to ours, dirt dive.
People may begin to question your fondness of playing in the mud. Pederast.

Kennedy - Ethnicity Mix Up Award
- Is he Indian, Mexican, Eskimoian, Hasian, Polynesian, or just Gay.
All signs point to Mexican Gay, although he does enjoy a little Singaporean
in him. But Ken was the glue to the team this year. He managed, he played,
he loved. He even played with borrowed shoes. Not sure that is a positive
characteristic, but he did it regardless. Thanks Ken for not ruining it for
everyone. Lets go to Spring River someday soon, me, you, and a one person
kayak. Deal?

Honorable Mentions:
Lloyd/Leslie/Derrick/Crystal - Most Single Game Appearances Awards
- Thanks guys.

Tim - Need a Xanax to Calm your Nerves Before Gametime Award
- sorry, that was a shot, but could have been worse. I'm smiling as
I type this cause i just got the mental picture of me in left watching the
kicker kick, you run towards home and then quickly change direction as the
ball sailed over your head...good times.

Ben - Sweetest Form of Transportation Award
- well get you suited up for a game some day, I promise.

Thanks to everyone. If I forgot anyone, its because you were off my radar
and didn't make an impact one way or another. If I really forgot someone who
played every weak, then I'm a dick and let me know. I'll do one for you

- Future prospect

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TK said...

"I'm smiling as
I type this cause i just got the mental picture of me in left watching the
kicker kick" dude why are you thinking about another dude and smiling? Does your wife still not know your gay yet? We all know that plug that you shove in your ass when you sleep isn't to keep you from snoring.