September 9, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Fall Game 1 Preview

The time has approached and Midnight Delight suits up tomorrow. The way that I see it, we are not doing this just for us. We are not doing this just for the team. We are representing all those teams from the Division B. You don't choose success folks, it chooses you. I don't know about you but I already started talking shit to some Division A teams. I talked a bit of shit to a member of the Fockers and I let Danni Bruns know today that her team sucks. She replied back that our team swallows, and I couldn't disagree, but regardless, it’s on. Don't sit there in your seat reading this, thinking that we are going to get killed out there this year. We have tough schedule. This is true. We only have one game against a Division B team and last year we went 0-3 against Division A. But if we can win a few games in the A league, especially right off the bat, we can earn some serious street cred. I also know most of us were really amped about playing "Watts Up" this year, but Mr. Zed got scared and hurt him self. From what I hear it was a self affixation gone wrong and in the process he tore his MCL. Oh well, he can watch from the dugout as we go two ankles deep in his team.

Our first opponent this year is Balls Deep. This may or may not be my neighbor’s team, I can't ever remember. Never the less, we can win. If it is the same team, I think they got beat by Brookhaven worse than we did last year. So we got that going for us. Show up. Stretch it out. Pop the top and enjoy the season.

Opponent: Balls Deep
Game Time: 7:30 pm
Field #: #3

Outcome: WIN
Score: 9-6

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