September 11, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Fall Game 1 Box Score

I want to thank everyone for coming out. We had a strong showing, just couldn't pull it off. Great effort, terrible result. First inning killed us. And thats all i have to say about that...

Ok...sorry....i posted the above while i was a bit below is my actual post.

Ok...I'm just in a pissy mood today and you should have to suffer for that. Team...huddle up....take a knee. You played hard last night. You know how I know you played hard. Cause we left our sweat, beer and some blood out on the field. Sure we had one bad inning that put us in a deep hole. But we battled back. We knew it was early and we played our kind of ball after that, our type of a team. Each of you should be proud of yourselves. Minus Ted who's lack of hustle set the tone for that first inning. And fuck that team. Fuck'em all. 4 to 6 was the final. 4 to 6. With 4 of theirs cuming in the first inning. Offensively we have a better shot of getting on base and running those bases based on errors by the fielders, popping the ball up accomplishes shit, unless they have a Ted on their team who can't catch. Come to think of it, if we would have just played with an empty center field and kicked boy - girl - boy - girl - girl - boy. (doubled up on girls there cause that was Teds spot). Enough ragging on Ted. Defensively, if you subtract the first inning we were fucking air tight. We had the "play at 2nd" shit down to a science last night. Megan's like a fucking steal trap over there at second.

Bottom line, we played good and we'll play even better next week. I haven't looked to see who the opponent is yet, but they probably suck (but probably don't). So if people today ask you if you won or lost last night, just tell them "We won the hearts of our fellow team members.....but we lost the actual game, but only 4-6 and only cause we gave up 4 in the first inning and its all Teds fault.

1 game down, 7 to go.

Game Day: Sept 10
Opponent: Balls Deep
Result: Loss
Midnight Delight Record: 0-1


TK said...

bitter bitter

The VCC said...

not bitter. Just looking for an excuse since we got beat.