September 30, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Fall Game 4 Preview

Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly? What makes a Pirate Angry?

This week we play the Angry Pirates. I'll be honest. They have one of my favorite names in the league. But until we've actually had to face them, I've never asked myself "Why are these pirates so angry?" Did someone wrong them on the high sea's? Did Jack Sparrow foil their plundering agenda? Did someone steal there booty? (thanks Ted for the pirate suggestion, fuckin tool)

Fifteen men on the dead man's chest -- Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

We've struggled this season. 0-3 is not really a record to get excited about. Our defense is solid but once again our offense is suspect. We have trouble scoring runs, collectively. But I got that feeling. I got that feeling this week that we are going to explode. Have you ever made a water balloon and left the balloon on the hose too long and it just burst everwhere? Not only do you get the pressured water from the exploding balloon, but you then get a constant river of payback which we have bottled up over these past 3 weeks. This is our week. This team is also 0-3 so someone this week is getting their first win. Ask yourselves, Why not us? Why can't it be our week too spray our revenge all over the opposing team? I certainly don't want to wash their balloon juice out of my hair come wednesday night. Lets do it for the Delight.

Opponent: Angry Pirates
Game Time: 7:30 pm
Field #: #1


Outcome: WIN
Score: 9-4
Our Record: 0-3


TK said...

captn phallus...That's good stuff

Anonymous said...

you guys suck...oh and i cant forget the girls too. It appears that you all need to be in the Friday night league, that way you all may win do to forfeit.

The VCC said...

Watts gay? Your team anonymous...or should I say Mr. Woodley!

Zed said...

Well well…sorry for the post. In all seriousness, I was trying to have a legit conversation with Cam about the Midnight Delight team. Like, where does he think the problems are happening and why are you all losing at the end of the game all the time? He threw out some names like Kennedy, Chris, and Lindsay, to name a few- basically stating that they need to step it up. I asked him why his name was not in the mix, and of course he states “I am the team.” Just thought I would throw that out there.

Good luck tonight.

The VCC said...

well played sir, well played. I'd watch your knee tonight, don't let your guard down.

Bradley said...

I saw you alternate who sits out every week until you win, then whoever was on the bench that game gets the boot.