October 2, 2008

Kickballz Fall League Week IV: FUCK OFF!

Sneak a peek. It's ok getcha an eyeful. That a boy, get your look on. Go a head and soak it in. Ready to throw up? Thought so. Before you pleasure the VCC's mom with a Roman Shower, realize this: what you're looking at is basically a visual representation of how we play. And by we I mean the Midnight Delight. How does this represent us you may ask. Kickballer, my kickballer lend me your ear and allow me to explain. From a hundred yards you see a long legged lady kicking it in a tiny bikini. Just like our team, from afar you see a bunch of confident, athletic looking people. Then you get a little closer. All the sudden you realize that, hey, this bitch is kinda thick, but fuck it. It's a party, your a little drunk and its Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, New Years Eve, or possibly a Tuesday afternoon in Boyz Town because everybody has made that mistake once every other week. You know what I'm saying playboy. That's like basically saying, "yeah we're down but no big deal. We're about to monkey fuck these assholes while a couple of cows and a chicken watch in the corner." Don't act like nobody has ever said it ass face. Why else would I use quotes. Next thing you know you're right up in the shit. But it's ok cuz your shit canned and this chick's half naked. Translation you still think that being down by 3 runs is within striking distance. The next thing you know you've accepted 2 drinks from the lady up above (both seeming to be foaming from excessive illegal and awesome amounts of drugs) and you're headed to her apt. This is basically after you have dropped 4 balls, no pun intended, and had 8 wild throws. Finally you realize that after digging around this tranny's pants for 45 min that it's a lost cause and there's no vag, except you don't care you're going to give it a shot anyway and maybe this brown thing is just a dirty pocket vagina or maybe an Alabama Hot Pocket, who cares you just want to get it over with. This is metaphor for when this happens. Nuff said.

On a sad note, last weeks game marked the last game played of founding outfielder, #3, Scully. She played the game with a lot of spirit and beer. But alas she has moved on to a better place...Hawaii. Yeah sucks for her, cuz everybody that moves out there just gets tanned and laid, both ways (get it, ya know with the flowers and well ya know brah). Quick update on Scully, she may have gotten eaten by a large black women on the plane ride. Good luck...Also got to give it up to our new girls and old girls. Way to fill out the jerseys gang. If you were expecting links...Fuck Off!