February 18, 2008

Buckets for Mayor

Tigers Preview:

I’m a newbie to this whole blog thing so bare with me. Before I go down the path of telling you how I think the Tigers are going to kick the Vol’s asses this weekend, let’s get one thing straight. You can’t be a Tiger basketball fan and a Tennessee football fan. You either bleed blue or you don’t. These guys that try to explain why they like the Vol’s for one sport are full of shit. Ok, back to the game. No, wait. F the Vols. Ok, both of these schools play the same style, pull and go. If the Tigers can stop the outside shot then they have a big advantage in the middle. I’m so tired of hearing the FT (58%) story. Who cares. Tigers are one of the best offensive rebounding teams in the nation and can play a little defense (3rd in FG% defense), so that makes up for it. Put a 6’6 guy on Lofton and advantage Tigers, plus the Forum will be rocking. I know CUSA is lame as hell but the SEC isn’t the power conference that it usually is. Shit, they only got 2 teams in the top 25. Oh well, Tigers by 10.


  • Next for Tigers: @Tulane – 2/20, CSTV. Tigers cover.

  • Upset of the week: 2/20, North Carolina @ NC State.


The VCC said...

i like it. Tigers by 7.

How come the tigers cant just play on one fucking channel except for the nationally televised games. Is that so fucking hard. On something local that any fan can get.

The dish doesn't make it hard, comcast just likes to fuck everyone within a dicks slap.

Romo said...

I agree, that's why you need to steal your neighbors cable.