May 5, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Game 5 Preview

Baby, we're going to be up five hundy by midnight!

Midnight Delight will take the field riding the longest win streak in team history. Granted our teams history only dates back to early April of 2008, but a lustrous history it is. Another current steak we have riding into this week is back-to-back teams whose team name is a play on a movie. Last week we took on "Foot Club" (Fight Club) aka. "Worlds lamest kickball team." I have a feeling they may hold that title all season long, but hey, we got plenty of games left so someone battle them for the belt. This week we have division rival, "The Swingers," not really a play on a movie title rather than a movie title itself. Well, I guess the 1996 Jon Favreau/Vince Vaughn classic was actually named "Swingers", so the inclusion of the word "The" is technically a play on the name.
Ted: Hey! What're you kicking me for? You want me to ask? All right, I'll ask! Ma'am, where do the high school girls hang out in this town?

Again, as in the past two weeks, we take on another opponent who has yet to win a game. I've been part of a kickball team that only won one game during that brief kickball career (I retired after one season, swore never to play again) and they were a sad group of people. As a whole we were slaw, lame and unenthusiastic, much like the team we played last week, so I expect the same this week. To add another flavor to the pot, I’m expecting these people to be somewhat old and dirty. With a name like "The Swingers", they are either really into that movie, a group of dirty oldish men with a stable of skanks whom each one of them have dragged their junk through, or just a bunch of lame people who came up with a stupid team name. I mean look at those dumbshit losers with that Midnight Delight name.
Jones: Look at this, okay? I want you to remember this face, here. Okay? This is the guy behind the guy behind the guy.

Regardless of what this team brings to the table, I expect Ted to find at least 4 gems on the other team he would put his shit in, dudes or chicks. I just hope seven days is ample enough time for us to shorten up the injury report and re-activate some of our quad challenged teammates.

A brief look ahead to the 5/14 game. We are looking at rescheduling our game for that week to a later date due to the fact that Jr. (Jim), Jones, Ted, Ken, Lindsey, and myself are all on a BBQ team and will more than likely be face down in Tom Lee that week. Attention Midnight Delight teammates, if you’re down at BBQ fest next week, locate and congregate to Porkstars tent. Free food and drinks to everyone who has contributed to the team. Meaning, you have had to assist in at least one out during our past 5 games (5 cause I'm counting this weeks game).

Outcome: WIN
Score: 9-4
Inning count: 6

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TK said...

There was absolutely nothing I would have stuck in last weeks team. I take that back, I would have nailed one of the hot chicks, oh wait there weren't any on there team. Damn, burn! But seriously, my quad feels good today but i expect it to hurt again after Wed. unless any one wants to play hide the sausage b/c that totally makes it feel better. I can't afford to keep fucking hookers.

The VCC said...

First off, dibbs on "hid the sausage".

I think you should go back to your strict regiment of pain pills and heavy alcohol. We need you to be in top form this week.

TK said...

By the way do you realize that we've played 4 games on 2 different fields and are .500 on each field? More wacky and zany stats later...Douche

TK said...

That alcohol and pain pills has now become daily thing for me. I mean who are those a holes at the midsouth fair to tell me I can't drink and eat pills while operating rides. Fags.

The VCC said...

did you realize that you represent .1000 of the dudes who have fanned on a kickball? More sad and pathetic stats later...ass tickling faggots fan club.

Romo said...

Kickball's for pussies.

The VCC said...

that maybe so, but we are badass pussies, with teeth and fangs, the kind that you wouldn't want to take home to......not sure where i'm going with this...but you just hate cause you didn't make the 2nd day of tryouts.