May 22, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Game 6 Box Score

If you wear the black and gray, whatever your doing, put it down, grab your goblet, raise it to the skies and toast to the hottest kickball team in all of Memphis. I mean, we are sexy, both athletic sexy and just down right, slap my ass and tickle my taint sexy. Midnight Delight continues to re-write (or would it be just "write?"...who cares, there are like 2 people that read this) the record book each week and we chiseled another hash mark in the win column last night with a hard fought victory. So if you keeping track at home, we have now rocked the kickball underworld with our current record of 4-2 by waxing Tom Selleck's Mustache. Going into the game, we expected to just skull fuck the shit out of this team. They had managed to accumulate a 0-5 record prior to facing the Delight. Terrible right? If you have a god damn [brewery] 0-5 record, your team has to be just terrible. I consider myself and honest man; I'll give credit out when credit is due. They were not 100% terrible, but were teetering on 75% terrible. I know what you’re saying, "...but dang, the final was 12-9, they gave us a good game." This is true, they did give us a good game, but we played like shit. We should have destroyed that team.

Rather then break this thing up into some offensive and defensive highlights, I’m just going to start by saying we choked a bit on both sides of the ball last night (that what she said). We did have a few stellar moments, some quality catches, handful run down throw outs (not really sure what to call it, you know when someone is running the bases and rather then throw them out at a base, you throw it at them and hit them as they are running, what do you call that?), some booming kicks and good base running. However, we had countless errors in the field and Ken was missing signs all night long. Ken, when flash you a 5 and then hold my hands 1 foot apart it means I want a 5$ footlong from Subway. It’s always something with you Ken. Next week I vote Jones doesn’t wear the headband. I think it threw his equilibrium off cause he was on the ground more then he actually stood up. Ted you can take your sunglasses off now, maybe if you hadn’t had those sunglasses on and weren’t distracted talking to chicks you wouldn’t have had to layout in deep center only to watch dude burn you twice in one game…oh…your sunglasses are off….my bad. Sucks for you.

My game ball goes to Jenny for playing with newly replaced hip. She suited up and played like man (I’m not saying she looked and dressed like a dude, she just manned up and played through the pain).

Game Day: May 22nd
Opponent: Tom Selleck’s Mustache
Result: Win
Score: 12-9
Midnight Delight Record: 4-2-0 (.666)
Opponents Fun-0-meter (0-10, worse-best): From an 8 down to a 5 by the end of the game.


Laura said...

Yeah, Ted sucks

TK said...

Haters. Not my fault VCC can't get the balls kicked to his side and has to blame me. As for the second one, maybe some one who takes off half the game could be alert enough to let me know the ball is being kicked while I'm strolling back to my position. But seriously, you guys blow.

The VCC said...

Excuses get you beat Ted.