May 20, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Game 6 (or 7?) Preview

Much has happened between our last victory and when we take the field tonight. Jones totaled his car. BBQ Fest came and went. Friends made...friends lost. Dreams filled...dreams crushed. Meat rubbed, massaged, smoked and gobbled. Countless gay and sweet dad ass jokes. Things stolen and things stole. Some really fucking nasty fat chicks rubbing their wang eaters across some passed out dudes face on a indoor/outdoor carpeted double-poled stripper stage while people snapped photos and laughed till it hurt.

But that is the past. This week. This week it's back to kickball.
Because it's our time. It's our time down here. That's all over the second we ride up Ken's bucket. After two weeks off, we can only hope that this week we have a strong showing. Although half our team didn't really ride that rode to recovery last week, we did grow hungry. A fierce hunger. A hunger that can only be satisfied by joining other grown men and women on the public baseball diamonds of Willow Park. I pitty the team that has the unfortunate destiny of extinguishing that hunger.

This week Midnight Delight will take the field and tongue whip "Tom Selleck's Mustache" From what I can tell from the The Official Website this team has yet to win a game. But only a fucking witch would know for sure, since the site is updated about as often as TK's sexual ambitions. Regardless, thats no excuse to let our guard down. Not excuse to play down to this teams level. TK will tell you, "Excuses get you beat."

Injuries should be healed and hearts mended this week so I expect us to come with a full load.

Opponent: Tom Selleck's Moustache
Game Time: 7:30 pm
Field #: 3

Outcome: WIN
Score: 11-2
Inning count: 7

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