June 19, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Game 10 Box Score

I first want to apologize for the tardiness of this recap. Between the beer and pills I've been taking to dull the pain of our 3-10 loss last night, I've just now had time to sit down and put my thoughts out on paper. I thought hard today while I sat in all day meetings about what I wanted to talk about in this recap. I struggle writing the recaps after a disappointing loss. When I try and reflect and pull the few hazy memories of the night out of my head and put them in some sort of organized display of my writing skills or lack of, I seem to have a shortage of positive things to say. However, there were a couple of gems that stick out.

First off, and I hear that this may have been some folks favorite part of the night was the fact that I nearly killed a small girl. She was our age, just little and she felt the full force of the cannon that is my right arm. If I can recall the situation correctly, I was playing short, she was on first and a dude was up to kick. Lindsey rolls the ball, dude kicks through the infield out to Ted King playing center. This put into motion chick on first. She sprints like lightning from 1st to 2nd and due to the lack of Ted's kickball skills, he was now just getting the ball. As he prepared to throw it to me, she decided to round 2nd and head to 3rd. With her well on her way to 3rd base, Ted sent the ball in motion in the direction of me. As the ball approached my out-stretched hands, all I heard was Ted say, "YOU GOT HER!!!" So I caught the ball and as quickly as I received the ball, I spun around and fired a bullet in the direction of before mentioned small girl. Now this girl, more then halfway to 3rd probably had a smile on her face at this point, ecstatic that she was able to leg out 2 bases on her playing buddies kick. However, my arm and my throw had different plans for her. The ball that I had tossed her way struck her legs in such a way that it spun her right leg in front of her left cause he to trip up and take in a mouth full of dirt. I mean she went face first at full speed without the aid of her hands to break her fall. I couldn't have done a better job even if I was 8 inches from her. So I caused this poor girl to eat shit and get an out. I'm not going to lie, when it happened, my immediate reaction was laughter, but quickly faded to concern as she struggled to get to her feet. I quickly ran over and apologized and helped her up and sent her packing back to the dugout. Maybe next time sweetheart, but not on my watch, not tonight.

A couple of other hightlights of the night took place, but I didn't mean for the last paragraph to take up so much time, so I'm going to group them up into this one paragraph. We had three radio's last night. I'm not an expert on ratios concerning radios and kickball teams, but I think that makes us pretty badass. I'd like to also thank Tim for coming and trying to fill in for Jr. last night. I'm speaking from the heart her but Tim you let your nerves get the best of you. There's some talent in those feet and hands, but you differently had a belly full of butterflies. I don't want you to beat yourself up over your performance last night, because it happens to the best of us and I'm sure, if you ever get another chance to prove yourself, you'd make a believer out of all of us. Unfortunately Jr. is back next week so were sending you back down to the Minors. Nothing personal, just looking out for the good of the team.

We got three games left team, well get this freight train of a team back on track. That's about all I got.

Game Day: June 19th
Opponent: Sparky Balls
Result: Loss
Score: 3-10
Midnight Delight Record: 5-4 (.555)
Opponents Fun-0-meter (0-10, worse-best): 7

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