June 17, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Game 10 Preview

I know what your thinking..."Damn, is this dude a pervert, but shy about it?" Yes. But that is not why I chose this picture to lead off. Besides the fact that this is in the top 3 criteria i look for in a women, I wanted to try and prove a point yet again. This extremely talented and flexible female is a pictorial representation of our team. Why? Two reasons. First, I can't think of one person on my team I wouldn't invite to an orgy and second, we have to be flexible to win this week. We are in the midst of vacation season and this week we are without Jr. Mint, Kim and probably someone else, not sure who it is but I'm sure it will surface.

Let me check the schedule here.....ah, there it is Sparky Balls...Sparky Balls? I think this may be the one team we may have a better name than. Not really sure the origin of this team name. I tried to google it and came up with nothing. Most of the stuff that came back had to do with dogs named Sparky and just random shit on different types of balls. Don't get excited Ted, not that type.

Here is what I do know:

1.) They are not any good. We are again playing a team that is either 2-6 or 3-5. I know at one point they were 2-5 (before last week), but due to the outstanding job the League Officials are doing updating the Memphis Kickball Site, there is no way to tell. So ya'lls guess is as good as mine, similar to Jones's sexual preference. Is he gay? Is he straight? Does the fact he watches soaps, cares way to much about his hair, and carries a handbag made of butterfly wings and full of rainbows sway you one way or another. It's one of those questions in life that you will never know the answer too unless you pass out and wake up with him naked straddling your face. So...Ted...whats the verdict.

2.) Terrible name. I mean, i thought we had a bad name, but Sparky Balls? This is really just some sort of inside joke (which could be funny) or just the brainchild of a Jewish kid who missed out on the chromosome that holds the comedy gene (is that how chromosomes work?). Hey, go jump in an oven. I really don't want to rip on a team with a bad name because this could easily be turned on us.

I really don't got much else today. I know this is probably one of the lamest and weakest post of the season. Sparky Balls hasn't given me much to go on.

Oh...I know...this week we do have the Winner of "Win a Job with Midnight Delight Contest" this week. Congratulations Tim. I know it was a grueling elimination process and the level of competition you were pitted against to try and win this prestigious award must have been stressful on you, but ladies and gentleman, Tim will be taking the field this week wearing the black and gray and he better represent the team with pride. Congrats again and we're looking forward to seeing you in action.

Opponent: Sparky Balls
Game Time: 8:30 pm
Field #: #2

Outcome: WIN
Score: 18-4
Inning count: count this.


Tim said...

Well guys...it'll be an honor and a privelage. I know I got big shoes to fill while Jr. is at the beach.

TK said...

He gets to be jr's jr this week.

The VCC said...

Really, they aren't that big of shoes to fill. But just beware, that every error or pop-out you get, we get to kick you in the jimmy.

Tim said...

well buyer beware...cuz i will be wearing a cup...and i'd like to take the time to point out that laura has corrected my spelling in my earlier comment. PRIVELEGE

The VCC said...

we obveusly dount juge scpeelin hear

Laura said...

you still spelled it wrong, dummy.

Tim said...

I give up

The VCC said...

I'd give up too. F that Laura chick.

Laura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The VCC said...

you spelled that right...damn.