June 10, 2008

Who Dis? MD Player Profile - Laura "Back of the Bus" Cobb

The year was 1984 and the country was still in mourning after the terrible December 4th event which included a group of Hezbollah militants hijacking a Kuwait Airline killing four of its passengers. But less then two weeks later, a young Laura began the 23 year journey to her kickball summit. Unlike most of the players on this team, Laura was bred for kickball. Her father and mother are both owners of several league championship rings and were both inducted into the coveted Kickball Hall of Fame in 1976 and 1979 respectively. Because of the ambition for their daughter to succeed in the sport they both love, she was not allowed to have friends and never had any sort of formal education. The lack of human contact lead to her mono-tone personality. These same factors also contributed to her racist personality. It is widely documented that she has hatred toward the Blacks, the Indians, the British, curry, seafood, cockroaches, and the Polish (although she has a bit of Polish in her, nice). Because she knew no better, she embraced the Kickball life style quickly excelling in ever aspect of the game. She joined a traveling kickball team at the age of 5, went professional at 9 and signed her first sponsorship deal several months later. After a brief stint with crack cocaine and pain killers, she bounced around to the Mexican and Canadian leagues before she was given another chance with the Memphis based Midnight Delight. She has been sober for 17 days and is a fan and team favorite. We all wish her the best with her past and future success.


Laura said...

It's been a rough life but I have no regrets

The VCC said...

The the most important thing.

Laura said...

my lackluster UT education might be to blame, but I don't understand that comment