September 22, 2008

FDIO - Kickballz Fall Game 3 Preview

Playground Bullies...What do we know about the Playground Bullies? Not much. As far as I know we don't hold any grudges against this team. They haven't wronged us on a team or an individual level. We have never played them so we don't have any revenge to inflict. There name would imply that they are big and fat and like to only pick on those smaller and weaker then them. Playground Bullies...hmmm.

So, their name would lead me to believe 1 of 2 things. The first, which they are still in elementary school and they are in fact, a group of young boys and girls who are, on some level, actual playground attendees and are in fact, bullies. Makes sense right? Or, option 2, they are team of late 20's, early 30's pedophiles who like to pray on the weak and innocent children of there local playgrounds. We'll we know that option 1 is false, cause I swear I've seem them drink. Also, a local radio jockey is a member of their team and she told me that our team swallows which leads me to determine she has actually been around the block a few times and is speaking of experience and personal preference. Plus she is older then us. That just leaves option 2. Wow. We are playing a team of windowless van owners who trap innocent children by offering them discount ice cream and salty popsicles. This team is obviously fucked in the head. Man, someone really needs to rally around this and create a facebook group, calling out for justice against this team. Facebook group for a cause, good luck.

Due to the fact that the kickball site is maintained with the same precision as our offensive kicks, I can only determine that this team has won at least one game. I would really like to win this week. I know you guys would like to win this week. The beer taste so much better after a victory. And unless we win, I'm skipping the bar cause I lost a bet to Jones this weekend and I have to pick up his bar tab Wednesday. No shots though. I am going to call out Ken this week though. He is supposed to be our leader, our Crazy Horse, but lately his leadership skills have been equivalent to the Polish army. If this holds true this week, we can expect nothing but a blitzkrieg all over our faces.

"We're all going to have so much fucking fun we're all going to need plastic surgery to remove our god damn smiles."

Opponent: Playground Bullies
Game Time: 6:30 pm
Field #: #1

Outcome: WIN?
Score: 5-4
Our Record: 0-2

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