September 18, 2008

Kickballz Fall League Week II: This Never Happens To Me

After a devastating loss in week one, the delightful midnighters were back to reclaim the title as the best of the best(wow James Earl Jones, Eric Roberts, and a young Chris Penn. I smell an Oscar. So here we were with 2 queens on casino night and about to drop a deuce on everybody. Only it didn't go that way exactly. So take my hand lil one and walk with me to a van with no windows and lots of candy, to hear the mind boggling tale of week Deuce. This story contains intrigue, hate, jealousy, rainbows, obesity and chicks in tight shorts.

The day was drawing to an end and our heros were starting to fill up on can beer and an unusal amount of hubris as they prepared to take on the hated Multiple Scorgasms lead by dreaded T-bag. This game had been building for a week now, with talk of the hard fought first game and how this was a sure to be in the bag. Midnight had developed a strong sense of hubris, that a first was charming, but has now become their undoing. The word on the street was that the Delight was going to lay the beatdown. We felt strong, we felt virile, potent even and a little drunk. And then it happened. They showed up. The Scorgasms didn't look good. There was a lot of back fat. Also T bag was there, but the worst part was when we heard their gay fat little midget friend. You may think I'm being cruel but if you mix a little of this, that, and a dash of this, then that's what this kid was like. It was like all the gayness in memphis rolled up into one. Gayer than 3 chicks acting like dudes. Gayer than the VCC's wet dreams. Gayer than a sub 10 second 100. You get the point. Like a unicorn jabbing its horn into a...You know what I'm gonna stop there. Anyway, we started out pretty well going ahead early. Then they bounced back. Ahead 2-1. Then it was like 6-1. Then the shit talking started to happen. And from what I could tell it was pretty bad. Like your mom went to college bad. Then we lost. I hate you, it's your fault.

We sucked. We went from super sleeper to that dude who was really annoying and past out way to early so you taught him a lesson type of sleeper. So we picked ourselves up and drank. Good news is that a couple of chicks and some dude rubbed up against me last night at the bar, so I guess I just achieved my first threesome and a devils foursome. Also our girls looked really hot as always. Way to go ladies. Nice. If you felt this post sucked, then this should make up for it.

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The VCC said...

Next season, before we play them, lets do the old send them a box of pepto bismal prior to the game.